The Neighbourhood Action Evaluation (NAE) focuses on:

  1. Monitoring progress on Neighbourhood Action Plans developed by the Planning Teams 
  2. Identifying factors that support progress and factors that hold progress back
  3. Who participated in the Planning Teams, and how new people are invited and included
  4. The impacts that dedicated community developers have on progress made in the NAS

To date we have:

  • Conducted over 150 in-depth interviews with various NAS participants (residents, service providers, community developers, city councillors, and city staff)
  • Observed Planning Team and other neighbourhood meetings for 4 years (since summer 2013)
  • Tracked the progress of neighbourhood action plans

Our Relationship to the Neighbourhood Action Strategy (NAS)

  • NAE is funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. This research is not funded by the City or any other NAS partners.

  • In doing this research, we connect regularly with each NAS planning team, the City of Hamilton, the Hamilton Community Foundation (HCF), and the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton (SPRC). (See the diagram of NAS partners below.) At times these groups offer suggestions and comments on our research, but the NAE researchers ultimately decide what findings to present, how, and to whom.

  •  One of the reasons we do this research is to provide input into NAS decision-making. However, the NAE does not decide what changes are made to the NAS. The NAE does not implement the NAS in any way, or play any role in its administration. These decisions are made by the NAS Steering Committee, which is made up of representatives from the City of Hamilton, the HCF, and the Best Start Network.

  • We also share our findings with other researchers through journal articles and academic conferences, and with policymakers and the public through public lectures, short reports, and neighbourhood-based newspapers.

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Our Relationship to the HCF and the City's Project (Re)Imagining the NAS

  • The Hamilton Community Foundation and the City of Hamilton are currently undertaking a project to get clarity and consensus about what the NAS should be, and what it should be for. This process is being led by a team of residents and independent community researchers. The project began in fall 2016 and is set to wrap up in January 2017. Once this work is complete, the HCF, the City of Hamilton, and the Best Start Network will decide whether and how to make changes to the NAS.
  • The Neighbourhood Action Evaluation team is sharing its findings, reports, presentations, and academic publications with the HCF and the City as reference material to support this work. If the (Re)Imagining the NAS Project Team has questions our research may help answer, we will try to share information we think will be helpful. However, neither the HCF nor the City will have access to our raw data or to any identifying information from participants in our research.
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